Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oooh my – how exciting!
There’s some new stuff on my all time favourite e-shop: Untamed Petals
Remember I mentioned them a while back here

Well, they’ve got some new lookbook pics up, of gorgeous girls in gorgeous dresses with gorgeous things in their hair. It makes getting married so exciting and whimsical-like. In fact, it makes being a girl exciting. There's just something pretty feminine about putting a fluffy or floral or furry thing in your hair - like in the good old days when women were celebrated for being feminine and classy and elegant and all the other cool descriptive words that make you think of people like Sophia Loren and Francine York. I want to look like those chicks on D Day. So I’m going to buy something from Untamed Petals - I've just decided! Well, actually, I'v been thinking about it since I found the site back in October already ... but still I have no idea which one to get – that’s the hard part. Everything is just oh so gorgeous – not to mention expensive – so I have to choose very carefully. 

I’d also love to give each bridesmaid one of the silver belt details to wear on their dresses. Diamonds are, after all, a girl’s best friends best friends J


Go have a squizz for yourselves

images courtesy of untampedpetals.com

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