Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I’d like to tell you about my friend the photographer ...

Since the dawn of our friendship, he’s always amazed me with his abundance of crazy ideas, the wackiest plans and somewhat unfathomable plots to both fill the world with meaningful creativity, and rid it of nasty creative directors.

Now when it comes to supporting friends – I’m in like sin.
When it comes to supporting good causes – I’m keen as mustard.

But when you get a friend who needs support with a good cause ... I’m there like a bear! Literally!
Enter: The Roadtrip For A Reason

The photographer and his team are embarking on an across the country roadtrip of America in order to raise funds for the Bobbi Bear Cancer Foundation.

Its all for Bobbi Bear, I wanted to do something with my talent and skill that changed lives … so Roadtrip For A Reason was born. Operation Bobbi Bear is based in South Africa and the ladies that run the Non-Profit Organisation sacrifice a lot so that the children they look after are safe, and recieve the kind of life every one deserves. Their unique system of using a bear to tell the sexually abused child's story is used as evidence in court, and because of these bears alot of bad bad people have been put away so they cannot hurt anymore children. So I'm doing it for the kids - and hope you will too!  

Take a click over to the website here, and get involved. There's even a chance for you to win a seat on the Roadtrip, or drive the bus! now how super groovy would that be?! America ... here we come!


Ah … it’s so good to be blogging again!

Food Fatigue

Do you ever get moegies after eating?
Holly mackerel … I’m not kidding when I say that I could quite easily close my little eyes and doze off for a whole week. And lunch wasn’t even that big. The same thing happened at dinner last night. Immediately after I put my fork down, this wave of useless lazy tiredness smacked me in the face. I counted 34 yawns at the dinner table. And that’s no exaggeration! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more. I wonder if there’s something terminally wrong with me.

Or maybe I’m just tired of life.

Nah … life is actually going swimmingly well at the moment, with a gigantic wedding on the near horizon (80 days to be exact), a meeting with the dress maker to choose wedding dress material on Friday, a weekend of birthday bliss with the fee-arn-say (eish … he’s getting old and wrinkly, but don’t tell him I told you), and hey … come to think about it … check out my post this time last year. It was a birthday message to him, and then the next day we got engaged! Oh happy, wonderful, smiley memories.

Wedding planning has been tough, to say the east, but that’s a whole other blog in itself – but it’s been a real year of great experiences and discoveries! I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams … but I digress. We were talking about food.

Now this is the kind of lunch I need at work everyday … 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It appears, dear followers, that the good old days of “a post a day” are long gone. There’s simply too much to do from dusk til dawn and with only one of me around, sniff sniff, I guess we’ll just have to settle for, sob, snort … a post a week.

So without further ado...

This weeks post is in honour of the F-word. 
Scorned upon by so many, yet versatile enough to be used by everyone for everything, this beautifully descriptive word is strangely enough ... one of my favourites.