Friday, March 18, 2011

So I like colour, right.
And, I must admit, I like a really good cocktail every now and then too. Ok maybe a little more than every now and then, but come on … who doesn’t!
Now you can imagine the excitement when the Let’s Colour Project (and my friend the photographer) put me onto this. It’s colour you can drink!
How fabulous!


Using photomicrography, Michael Davidson has captured the inner beauty of some of the world’s most famous cocktails. So not only are they good to sip on, but they’re great to look at too. My favourite is the Pina Colada – it looks like a Brazilian Street Carnival. I could swear that the drinks look the way they sound and taste. Does Sex On The Beach not wreak of sunrise naughtiness? And don’t’ tell me that Strawberry Daiquiri isn't a glorious mix of palm trees and suntan lotion! 

I find it all rather fascinating.

Bloody Mary 

Gin & Tonic

Pina Colada


Sex On The Beach

Strawberry Daiguiri

You can check out more great photos here

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