Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today I feel sad. It feels like my mood is at the bottom of the well and I just can’t seem to draw it back up. I guess to think that everyday could be wonderful and problem-free would be irresponsible. Life, after all, isn’t that easy, right?! But it’s also ok to have bad days and to go through troubles – it’s what we hope will carve us into better, stronger, more capable people. Today, however, I feel sad and I’ve decided to leave the feeling be. I’ve decided to embrace it.

There are so many things going on in my life right now that are positive and smile-worthy. But there’s also a lot of stuff that isn’t. And I think its time to stop pushing the bad stuff to the back of my head and to let it consume me – if only for a day. If I don’t, I’m scared it will keep trying to creep back little bits at a time and then I will continue to waste my energy trying to push it back down all the time. Know what I mean?

Life is good. In so many ways. But at least I’ve got that to fall back on. The fact that all this bad stuff will eventually pass and I can carry on living day to day.

But just because I’m having an off-day, doesn’t mean that you have to too. So I’ll leave you with a picture of my latest favourite wedding cake that I think I might want. Actually, I know I want it!

sorry about the poor quality of the pic, I scanned it in from magazine
pic courtesy of Southern Living Weddings / USA

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