Monday, April 23, 2012

PaperCut Hiring

Now that our wedding has come and gone, I’ve got a garage full of beautiful, pretty, girly things that are just dying to add love and life to another bridey's special day. So please pass these on to anyone you know who is getting married and is looking to hire really affordable, quirky d├ęcor.


Shot a lot

Really, seriously disappointed animals

 This rabbit can't believe you did that

This monkey is wondering where it all went wrong

This pooch just heard you call her a bitch

  This cat ain't having none of it

This turtle is pissed you peed in the sea that one time

This otter thinks you stink

  This rabbit want to know if you're being serious?!?!

This bear cannot believe you just farted

This owl is daring you to call him blind. One. More. Time

 This rabbit is about to show you who’s boss

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Monday, April 16, 2012


There’s just something so creepy, yet so beautiful about old photos.
I love what they've done here with the contrast between old and new.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lovisa Love

Ooooh I’ve just got back from my lunch break and have to tell you about the new Lovisa store that opened at the La Lucia mall on Saturday. I’ve never even heard of the brand before today. But jeepers, the most gorgeous and totally affordable goodies. Seriously, it’s like an earring-necklace-headpiece-rings-and-things feast. Any colour, every texture and they’ve even got an opening special where you can get 6 pairs of studs for only R100. Now I’m not one to promote unnecessary but if I had the time today I most certainly would have piled stuff up on the counter. I’ve got 11 weddings this year (yes! I know) and I think each wedding deserves it’s own personalised set of jewellery! 
Here' a peak at jut some of the gorgeous stuff. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh Rats!

What a great way to start the long weekend; an hour session of hardcore stretching, breathing, and … oh dear …

I bent,
I stretched,
I farted!

Or at least I think i did. Either that, or my mat was making some strange squeaky rat like noises.
I'm hoping no one else heard it. And if they did, that they're also going for the mat option! 
It's better for everyone that way!


Just as winter creeps into our mornings and our beautiful tans fade into white, pasty oblivion … I decide to do a post on swimming costume! Oh well. Everyone loves a pretty cossie.

And these beautiful cossies are from anthropolgie. So much of pretty stuff to look at on that website.

But as I was busy putting together this here little post last night, the hubsie walks past and stops to have a look.
“Ooh, those are nice” he says.
“Are you going to order them?” he says.

Well I sure am now! Thanks for the go-ahead!
I think the one in the middle will be first?
Followed closely by all the others.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools

Every April Fool's Day we used to put salt in my mom’s morning tea. It was totally cruel, the way she had to pretend she didn’t know what was coming for her as she took her first big gulp of the day. We’d always roll around laughing, she’s pretend to have been taken for a fool year after year, and then we’d bring out the real tea as a token of our appreciation for her role playing.

This year I was hiding under the duvets in a dark and quiet room trying to tame the wrath of one mother of a migraine, and missed the entire day of tom foolery and funny stuff. But I’m glad to say I stumbled on this here mock campaign by Savannah this morning. Funny stuff.