Thursday, March 17, 2011

So today’s the big day. The day when all the pointey-toed Leprechauns gather and every second person claims heritage to a non-existent Irish family-line just to make an escape to the local pub at lunch time, and again at 5pm.
You dirty rotten scoundrels, you.

Well … I’m meant to be a raging Irish (wo)man … if my surname and father’s decent has anything to do with it. To be honest though, the thought of heading off to the pub right now is, well … let’s just say, I’m more excited to get to sewing lesson number 2 this evening. Heaven’s forbid my forefathers were into blog reading … I’d be in deep Irish kak.

If you are celebrating this evening (which I will no doubt be doing; only after sewing of course ) … have a good and safe one.

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