Friday, October 29, 2010

A friend just lost his dad. 
So tragic and so unfair. 

And it gets me thinking about life and how quickly we go through it, how unexpectedly it can be taken away from us and how much pain and suffering the heart has to endure. 
And I say "has to" because death is inevitable. As much as we don't like to admit it or even talk (read: think) about it, we all wait for our parents to die! 

It’s the natural circle of life.
It’s how it’s always been. 
And the universe has strange ways of ensuring we all follow the same path. birth - life - death.

I say fuck the natural circle of life.
Fuck the paths that destiny chooses for us. I wish there was a way to change it.
But above all ... Fuck losing the special ones who make this short, sharp life of ours all worth it in the end.

I’m sad today.
But I’m also angry.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Kim Gray

If a girl tells you that she’s never thought about her future wedding – she’s fibbing. We all know that each and every one of us has been thinking, and plotting, and planning our very own special day since the moment we knew what dreams meant.
Which is why, when I got engaged, my heart sank.
Don’t get me wrong, I mean I cried because I was so over the moon ecstatic, and I laughed hysterically because I was completely taken by surprise (clever boy) but also, at the back of my head, I knew that with a ring, comes a wedding, and a wedding means BIG expense.
I’m not going to feign poverty here – because I’m not broke and my fiancĂ© (eeek) and I will be able to have a beautiful wedding with personal DIY things that will make it unique and special to us. I just know that my taste is so awfully expensive that I’m not going to be able to have the things that I always imagined I would.
And then I found your blog and this competition and I thought maybe, just maybe, the Goddess of Good Stuff will shine down upon me. So here’s my list:
The dress that I would go for would, without a doubt be wedding001 because it is so beautifully elegant, it swooshes when you twirl, and it will achieve that jaw-dropping effect on the man of my dream - which is what I'm going for.

I would give each one of my bridesmaids a ring as a token of appreciation – because I have no doubt that I’ll be calling on them at all hours to ask for advice and tell them ideas I have and get their valued opinions, as well as to find out if they’re happy to wear big puffy orange meringue style dresses (that they can of course, shorten and wear again) so that they don’t outdo the bride – because they’re all so dam gorgeous!

And the champagne and chocolates – no way I’m sharing that stuff. We’d enjoy them in a very sultry way in some of our wedding photographs. A nice change I think, from our usual face-pulling, joke-around pictures that we have together.

The rest is easy.

The sexy underwear would go under my elegantly sexy dress, coupled with the sparkliest of sparkly shoes. And the glasses would be worn for most of the day to take the glare off of aforementioned sparkiliest of sparkly shoes. The spa would be a definite treat the day before D-Day to unwind and let the excitement and nervousness of the next day sink in. And last but not least, the heart shaped pendant, I would give that to my mum. For no other reason than because I love her with all my heart and soul.

P.S Please pick me ... I've never won anything :O)

Monday, October 25, 2010


If all the Coca-Cola production lines from all across the world were to pack up and the creation of the world's most popular soft drink came to a halt … I believe ... the brand would survive. In fact, it would become even more infamous (if that’s even possible) as people would flock to get their hands on the last remaining stock and memoribilia.

If Will Smith ruled the world and one day decided to use his Neuralyzer to wipe out everybody’s memory, then, and only then, would the Coca-Cola brand die.

Although people claim there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold coke on a sweltering hot day – or after a heavy night – I think we can all admit that the reason for our love of Coca-Cola … actually has very little to do with the drink.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday People

There’s just something about a Friday that makes me forget all the hard work and diligence of a weeks
worth of training, and become a cheesy-cheese-obsessed, dop-drinking monster who mock charges at
the thought of something even remotely healthy. Why is that? Why does Friday hate my body so much
What did I ever do to Friday?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thanks to my clever little friend over at Vanila.Petal I got to plant my very own virtual seedling today and do some good.

By visiting The Living Wall on the Woolies website here 

A chance to unite against hunger by panting your very own choice of strawberry, spinach, tomato or basil plants in a virtual garden, online, for free

Because Woolworths knows the importance of Good Food, they’re commemorating World Food Day on the 16th of October (oops, I missed it) by translating our virtual plants into actual plants that will then be sent off to a South African school with a permaculture food garden - and they'll be able to nurture it love it, and make it produce lots of yummy things for them to enjoy, and maybe sell and make money for their little families.

my little spinach plant

Jeepers I just love Woolworths and the way they’re so rah-rah about making a difference. (ha, excuse the use of their strap line there … not intentional)

Monday, October 18, 2010

5 Things To Do Today:

*            Get over my disappointment of Country Road
*            Make the BoyF happy by joining him on a paddle in this terrible weather.
*            Think of new pseudonym for the BoyF
*            Remember to bring pretty pictures for my office wall of creative-ness
*            Some work

Please Don’t Judge Me

But I really think that Country Road Sucks.

This may seem like a very bold and somewhat un-true statement to make – especially after my last post - but before you blacklist me and my blog, hear me out.

Country Road: 
the high-end fashion brand from Down Under - in all its glory - really and truly is amazing if:
a)   You can afford it
b)   You have access to all the latest goodies all the time (i.e live near to Melrose Arch or Autralia)
c)    You are an Australian born model like Gemma Ward who happens to look amazing in plain, baggy clothing …

I mean they're 'nice' ... but so is a cup of tea.
And yes, there are the few prize pieces with the shiny bronze beading along the neckline or the beautifully soft crushed silk dress in glorious guava, but if you can afford that high-end stuff … well good for you … you bloody cow. The rest of the stuff - it's pretty dull and boring, really. Take for example, these items below which could have come from Mr. Price or Truworths:

The fabric is flimsy, the colours are dull and are all the women in Australia really really short because most of their clothes don't even reach past my boep. Not entirely flattering, I must be honest.

I mean I love tones of grey and white: they're classic and brilliant for any occasion. But why in the name of Bozo The Clown would I pay R899 for a short sleeved sweat shirt that I wouldn't even wear to gym?!

Occasionally I will walk into a Woolworths store, head straight for the Country Road section and then leave 2 minutes later feeling poor, depressed and hard done by … when really I think I've been wasting my time and energy. At some point I have allowed myself to be misguided by the so called fashion bloggers out there who make me believe that unless I own at least one item of Country Road, I'm not even half cool enough

I say screw 'em. I will always have my Country Road cow-hide smelling bag (remember) but quite frankly, I'd rather save my pennies for TWIST

It’s feminine, it’s frilly, it’s also kinda over priced, but affordable enough for a monthly splurge, and I don’t feel like a fake in some dull and baggy see-through Australian imported material ... when I’m all covered in pretty bows.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Could It Be ...?

14th October 2010
H12 La Palma Terraces
Edward Court
La Lucia

Dear Boss Man.

I am sensing that at approximately 4:17 this afternoon I will become violently ill and will need to rush off to the chemist at Gateway to collect some medicine. Perhaps I shall rather go to Clicks because in my weak state I will not want to be walking far from where I have parked my car - which will invariably be ... in the Woolworths parking lot.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!
Your dedicated drone employee

I’m convinced that I was meant for the 1920’s.
Or whatever the era is when they first invented headbands.
Every time we have a dress up party or if there’s a function that is even just a little bit formal, I seriously contemplate pulling out the pearly headband that pushes up my hair from the back - making me look like a messy, albeit sexy, hippie - and which leaves deep and painful indents in my forehead. Although I’ve never really have the courage to actually go through with it, there’s just something so beautiful about a girl with things in her hair. And if you don’t agree … you will …once you’ve had a look at these:

Untamed Petals is an overseas company (SIGH) that makes the most lovely headbands, fascinators, detailed combs, sashes … and more They're dainty, and feminine, and chic and sparkly, and they make me wish that I could sew. I’m definitely going to try and order one of these for the big day. Although they're not cheap - they range from $85 - $140 - excluding shipping. Here, have a look see:

Plus the styling of the models on their website is really great and has given me some cool ideas for bridesmaid - just general all-round-gorgeousness I tell you.

So ... The New Place

I regret to inform you that this post has been removed!
I got kakked on by the boss the other day because my internet usage is too high - particularly for a new employee - and particularly with too much time spent on the wedding blogs (woooopsie) .... so i figured with my luck - they'd see all the time spent on distings too, and get curious about what all the fuss is about and i really wouldn't want them coming and reading a post about the new place ... so you'll have to wait for a future update when i change my opinion/mind 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dilly Kitty

Snoekie – the screw-loose cat was dilly again this morning. She’s either trying to kill me (which I’m starting to believe more and more) or she was so excited about the fact that I stayed at home today that she felt it entirely necessary to follow me into every room. But not a cool, calm and “when-I’m-ready-to-follow-you-I-will” kind of kitty stroll. Oh no … more like hair up straight, tail at 90 degrees and a thunderous scream and gallop straight through my feet at every doorway. I’m convinced these “shows of affection” are failed ambushes. And her persistent prrru prrru prrru on the bed every morning is simply a technique of tenderising her victims before she attacks them in their sleep. I’ve lost count at the number of times I’ve woken up to find her in my face, literally, right there on my pillow staring at me while I sleep. Freaks me out man. But I’m too scared to get rid of her. She knows too much.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Go Camping

No girl (in her right mind) likes to camp.

Not unless she has hairy armpits and cleans her teeth with straw. 
I used to enjoy it - when I was younger and bathing took the form of running naked into the cool ocean waves to rinse off, dinner time was a packet of marshmallows around a tiny braaivleis, and bed time never had a time, it was simply that instance when you passed out from sun-stroke, heat-exhaustion, and a sugar/niknak overdose. 

These days, it's more of a mission - what with the ever-deflating inflatable mattress that leaves you feeling 65 years old every morning - to name just one thing. So yes, camping is a mission ... unless you live in Montana. Oh Montana - home to Yogey Bear and Yellow Stone National Park ... and these incredibley exclusive luxury camp sites. 

Look how insane these places are. 
It really does bring new meaning to the term glamour camping: GLAMPING!

Each "tent" - if you can even call them that - is equipped with electricity and the most luxurious of linen and decor, PLUS a private en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, 2 basins and heated flooring. Which means no midnight spiders terrifying you from the long drop facilities 3 km's away.

Plus they have a spa on site, and there are 28 or so houses that can be rented out ... you know, if camping isn't quite your thing!

Oh to be rich and out-doorsey.

Hello ... Did You Miss Me?

Sorry I've been so quiet - you know with being engaged and all ... ha ha.

Ok, back to business. 
Three things:

I started the new job on Monday - 
EISH not what I expected at all. It's about 145 people less than I'm used to working with. Briefs are via email. People get stuff done in 20 minutes as opposed to spending hours, even days, crafting their work and procrastinating - probably why the company does so bloody well. I'm new to a family of 13 who have cohabited their working and personal space for the last 3 years, so essentially I think they may be finding it difficult to let someone new into their lives, namely, little old lonely me, with no one to eat my lunch with. But they'll warm to me - please God let them warm to me. And I'll warm to the systems (or lack thereof) that they have in place, and everything will be hunkey dorey. If it's not, then I'll have to start selling cupcakes at the Farmers Market every weekend to make a living.

I know I said in my little profile squabble on the side here ------> 
that this wouldn't be a wedding blog ... Well calm your silk panties ... it's still not going to be one. 
I just feel that it is my duty to "warn" you that due to my circumstances I may infrequently post one or two things about pretty smelling flowers, and cool i-wish-we -had-that-here weddings I find. Maybe even some inspirational boards or colour palettes and things to DIY while I steam roll my way through planning a fucking wedding. holly shit I till can't believe it!

3. Today's post to follow :O)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Even Happier Times

I vowed never to put up pictures of myself on this blog, but to hell with it ... Saturday's events deserve as much shouting about as humanely possible.

The BoyF who was celebrating his birthday (see post below) also managed to turn everyone's world upside down with love and happiness and Patron tequila, when he quickly disregarded my cupcakes and asked my parents for their blessing to make me his wife! I've also subsequently discovered that there isn't a word in the English language that describes how I have been feeling.  

1 minute before - check the hand in the pocket

1 minute after - complete with double chin


me and the mommy

such proud parents

i was literally sobbing. wouldn't you!

my man

my ring

say hello: to the man of my dreams!