Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My study at home is an absolute shambles. It’s worse than my bathroom cupboard, and dare I say … even worse than the fee-arn-says shoe drawer! Things are hanging from the ceiling, paper is stuck to the walls, and if you don’t trip over a giant pile of wedding magazines, the reams of string and bunting are bound to get you.  But I like to think of it as organised chaos. I know exactly where everything is and I can always find some space, somewhere in there, for more hoarding.

Yet even though I love it and spend all my time in there, I most certainly wouldn’t say no to a study make-over one of these days. It would involve bashing down an entire wall, shoving the fee-arn-says bar out the way, and converting our 3 x 8 patio into a sun-roofed craft room. Oh how happy I would be. Like when Allie stumbles upon the art room that Noah has made her, in the Notebook.  SIGH!

Until that day, I’ll just keep trawling the web for wonderful inspiration for my sun-lit creative palace.

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  1. can totally see myself in the first one and the yellow one... with my little dogs at my heel as i work from home. oh how a girl can dream...