Thursday, March 31, 2011

So you know how last week I mentioned that I never win anything … OH EM GEE how that has changed in the 24 hours.

This morning, while naughtily checking out some blogs when I REALLY should have been brain storming up some teen-tampon ideas, I saw this on CAPE TOWN GIRL! 

This is me ... in a weeks time ... when my prize arrives 

And then  I got a mail from the peeps at TOPS & TALES telling me that my little story synopsis that I’d entered has just won me 2 new fabulous books.

STOKE STOKE STOKE … I’ve also changed my mind about my mood today. I’ll leave “being sad” for another time! Thanks to TOPS & TALES for the books – can’t wait to share them with the girls at Book Wine Club, and YAY for Cape Town Girl … and my new wardrobe. Perfect timing


Today I feel sad. It feels like my mood is at the bottom of the well and I just can’t seem to draw it back up. I guess to think that everyday could be wonderful and problem-free would be irresponsible. Life, after all, isn’t that easy, right?! But it’s also ok to have bad days and to go through troubles – it’s what we hope will carve us into better, stronger, more capable people. Today, however, I feel sad and I’ve decided to leave the feeling be. I’ve decided to embrace it.

There are so many things going on in my life right now that are positive and smile-worthy. But there’s also a lot of stuff that isn’t. And I think its time to stop pushing the bad stuff to the back of my head and to let it consume me – if only for a day. If I don’t, I’m scared it will keep trying to creep back little bits at a time and then I will continue to waste my energy trying to push it back down all the time. Know what I mean?

Life is good. In so many ways. But at least I’ve got that to fall back on. The fact that all this bad stuff will eventually pass and I can carry on living day to day.

But just because I’m having an off-day, doesn’t mean that you have to too. So I’ll leave you with a picture of my latest favourite wedding cake that I think I might want. Actually, I know I want it!

sorry about the poor quality of the pic, I scanned it in from magazine
pic courtesy of Southern Living Weddings / USA

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It’s day 7 of Mr. Grass Man – and still no growth whatsoever. Just a heck of a lot of water retention around the waist area.
Seriously … Am I doing something wrong?
I talk to him, I water him, I give him window sunlight, a fabulous view of the N2 and an abundance of interesting things to watch on my computer screen.

But he just sits, and refuses to perform.
Tomorrow – if there’s still nothing, I’m taking him out back and giving him one last chance at some sunlight.

If that fails … well then I just don’t know.
Perhaps a kitten?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Hello lovely peeps. Happy Monday. If there is such a thing.
Actually, mine isn’t going so bad today. After a pretty rockin’ weekend I managed to get enough sleep to make me feel almost-kinda-semi-human today. A first for a Monday, in a very long time.

I have very little time for blogging this week – super crazeee at work. YAY. It’s so nice to be busy rather than twiddling one’s thumbs and spending too much time staring out the window. I’ll try to squeeze in some posts here and there, but let’s start off with this SHOCKER.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Jennifer Aniston succumbed to the pressure and made her very own sex tape. Check it out. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I never win anything.
So I told Ashe of Ask Ashe and hopefully she’ll change that.
She’s giving away some delicious gifts in honour of her blog’s 2nd birthday – not a bad accomplishment!

BRAVO to you lady.

Friday, March 18, 2011

So I like colour, right.
And, I must admit, I like a really good cocktail every now and then too. Ok maybe a little more than every now and then, but come on … who doesn’t!
Now you can imagine the excitement when the Let’s Colour Project (and my friend the photographer) put me onto this. It’s colour you can drink!
How fabulous!


Using photomicrography, Michael Davidson has captured the inner beauty of some of the world’s most famous cocktails. So not only are they good to sip on, but they’re great to look at too. My favourite is the Pina Colada – it looks like a Brazilian Street Carnival. I could swear that the drinks look the way they sound and taste. Does Sex On The Beach not wreak of sunrise naughtiness? And don’t’ tell me that Strawberry Daiquiri isn't a glorious mix of palm trees and suntan lotion! 

I find it all rather fascinating.

Bloody Mary 

Gin & Tonic

Pina Colada


Sex On The Beach

Strawberry Daiguiri

You can check out more great photos here

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It seems all you Toms-wearing wannabes (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) can finally get your hands on a pair of the awesome skoens. Remember I posted here about my bestest who bought me not one, but TWO pairs of awesome TOMS shoes – and in doing so, donated not one but TWO pairs of awesome TOMS to children in need.

Well the good news is that they’re on their way to South Africa. The even better news is that they’re branching out from shoes and will soon be introducing more one-for-one goodies … I’m not sure what it will be just yet, but watch this space, cos I’m gonna be the first to find out. I’ll make sure of that.

Read the whole story here
Visit the pretty web here

So today’s the big day. The day when all the pointey-toed Leprechauns gather and every second person claims heritage to a non-existent Irish family-line just to make an escape to the local pub at lunch time, and again at 5pm.
You dirty rotten scoundrels, you.

Well … I’m meant to be a raging Irish (wo)man … if my surname and father’s decent has anything to do with it. To be honest though, the thought of heading off to the pub right now is, well … let’s just say, I’m more excited to get to sewing lesson number 2 this evening. Heaven’s forbid my forefathers were into blog reading … I’d be in deep Irish kak.

If you are celebrating this evening (which I will no doubt be doing; only after sewing of course ) … have a good and safe one.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My never-ending obsession with all things bright and colourful has led me (once again) to the coolhunter where I stumbled upon this showcase of some really flipping cool wall art. 


After spotting the now well-known old man face on the corner or Argyle and Cowey Road a year or so ago, I tried to convince a client of mine that it would be a fabulous idea to own a piece of wall space in Durban where artists could express their thoughts and ideas about Brand X, life, and whatever else they fancied.
They didn’t buy it. Boo!

But I still maintain that getting people involved by doing what they’re good at – is a sure fire way to get people excited about their home-towns. As long as it’s not tagging and adds aesthetic appeal to the streets – why not make Durban a brighter place to live?! If I'm not mistaken, the progressive art done on Connaught Bridge has even featured on Carte Blanche - it makes that much sense.

Now check out what Dulux did, as part of their Let's Colour Project. I wish this was my idea, and that we could do it here, in Durban. I think it’s magic.

Images courtesy of

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The American wedding community seems to go all out when it comes to their wedding stationary. It’s really cool. They cover everything from save the date stamps to napkins with menus sewn into them, and thank you cards – all carrying their unique wedding icon, monogram or color scheme. There are a few places here in South Africa who can offer you this service, like Elsje Deigns, By Invitation, and Me&E to name three really good ones, but be prepared to pay out your poepal for it. Brilliance comes with a hefty price tag I’m afraid.

It’s always been a toughie for me – I’m torn between my love for beautifully crafted words and aesthetically pleasing visuals, all simple and elegant …  and my love for everything hand made with a touch of heart, and hand writing, added to it; bright, fun and full of character. I’ve got tons of inspiration for wedding stationary that I’ve been saving over the years. Er … I mean, since we got engaged in October. Here are a few real nice pieces.

Images courtesy of / / /

Monday, March 14, 2011

I don’t know much about anything really. There’s simply too much to know. 
But … there is one thing I do know for certain. And that is, when people come together to help those in need – my faith in humanity and our ability to be wonderful and generous and supportive - is restored.

It's a pretty grim and devastating affair to hear and see what is gong on in Japan.  It's scary just how powerful and dangerous a force water can be. I haven’t as yet done anything to help those suffering in Japan. But I'm going to. the link below will take you to The Yanko Design Website - where they have listed 6 possible ways to contribute towards assisting Japan. Unfortunately here in South Africa we can’t SMS the supplied numbers … but click on the relevant links and visit the websites to find a way to help. I'm sure there are other ways to help - locally. Get googling here

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I gasped out loud when I saw this AMAZING feat done by National Geographic. A real-life version of the house from Up: The Movie - complete with 300 wonderfully ginormous, delightfully colourful helium balloons!

The light-weight house reached an altitude of up to 3 000m and stayed up there for about an hour. It also broke a record for the largest balloon cluster flight ever attempted. I’m thinking we could top that … on D-Day :O)

Check out the video here

Images courtesy of

Thursday, March 10, 2011

If my mumsie was Madonna, I’d like to think I’d be just as fabulous at designing my “own” fashion label. Check out the latest stuff by Madonna and daughter Lourdes. The range is called, of course, MATERIAL GIRL and it’s targeted at young teenage girls.

While Kelly’s more of a woman than a girl, covered in tats, and has had the life photoshopped out of her – it’s still a far better choice than poor Taylor Momsen who was their initial choice. She’s that naughty little rock tart from Gossip Girl – you know the one: the angry world-hating blondie.

Anyways … I do have to admit that I think these ads do look bloody fabulous.  Gritty and clean all at the same time!

I’m starting sewing lessons tonight with 2 of my very special friends – who are just as un-domesticated as I am. But hey … at least we’re trying. My first garment will be a luminous tulle skirt with an elastic waist ban and star detail . Yes, sounds horrific doesn’t it. But there is method to my madness. Will keep you posted. 

Sew much of excited right now.

I’ve always thought that one of these days, when I’m filthy stinky rich, I’m going to find a beautiful piece of art and spend big bucks on it. I’ll know it when I see it and it’ll be a piece that I just HAVE to have on my wall. Mumsie always says that everyone should have at least one piece of really great art in their house. Unless you consider Marcus from the Essenwood Fleemarket, and Joseph from Mozambique capable of artistic brilliance, then I’m afraid my walls are void of great artwork.

But considering my bank balance is void of great digits … I’m so happy to hear that my good friend the artist is FINALLY putting her work on display for the common man to perve over. I know when it comes to art – it’s either your style or it isn’t. You either hate a piece of work, or you “just have to have it”. I feel this way about pretty much all of Mich Raap’s paintings.

No piece of work is the same, they’re all one off originals.
They’re not just hand painted, but hand crafted. With wood carved out, messages written in, and a whole bunch of other really cool looking arty effects that I don’t know the terminology for.
It’s contemporary meets old school craftsmanship.
It's inexpensive brilliance.
Fun for a study, as a house-warming gift, or just a piece of art that you simply "just have to have".

And I’m more than 100% sure that if you wanted a John Deere Tractor on a piece of old oak wood, with your name embossed on the wheels – clever Michie will do it for you.

So come and meet her tomorrow.
She’ll be the skinny one with the crazy short blonde hair (you know those arty-types)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My study at home is an absolute shambles. It’s worse than my bathroom cupboard, and dare I say … even worse than the fee-arn-says shoe drawer! Things are hanging from the ceiling, paper is stuck to the walls, and if you don’t trip over a giant pile of wedding magazines, the reams of string and bunting are bound to get you.  But I like to think of it as organised chaos. I know exactly where everything is and I can always find some space, somewhere in there, for more hoarding.

Yet even though I love it and spend all my time in there, I most certainly wouldn’t say no to a study make-over one of these days. It would involve bashing down an entire wall, shoving the fee-arn-says bar out the way, and converting our 3 x 8 patio into a sun-roofed craft room. Oh how happy I would be. Like when Allie stumbles upon the art room that Noah has made her, in the Notebook.  SIGH!

Until that day, I’ll just keep trawling the web for wonderful inspiration for my sun-lit creative palace.

images courtesy of / /

how about a new piece of furniture everyday?

pics courtesy of the Dulux Let's Colour Project