Thursday, March 10, 2011

I’ve always thought that one of these days, when I’m filthy stinky rich, I’m going to find a beautiful piece of art and spend big bucks on it. I’ll know it when I see it and it’ll be a piece that I just HAVE to have on my wall. Mumsie always says that everyone should have at least one piece of really great art in their house. Unless you consider Marcus from the Essenwood Fleemarket, and Joseph from Mozambique capable of artistic brilliance, then I’m afraid my walls are void of great artwork.

But considering my bank balance is void of great digits … I’m so happy to hear that my good friend the artist is FINALLY putting her work on display for the common man to perve over. I know when it comes to art – it’s either your style or it isn’t. You either hate a piece of work, or you “just have to have it”. I feel this way about pretty much all of Mich Raap’s paintings.

No piece of work is the same, they’re all one off originals.
They’re not just hand painted, but hand crafted. With wood carved out, messages written in, and a whole bunch of other really cool looking arty effects that I don’t know the terminology for.
It’s contemporary meets old school craftsmanship.
It's inexpensive brilliance.
Fun for a study, as a house-warming gift, or just a piece of art that you simply "just have to have".

And I’m more than 100% sure that if you wanted a John Deere Tractor on a piece of old oak wood, with your name embossed on the wheels – clever Michie will do it for you.

So come and meet her tomorrow.
She’ll be the skinny one with the crazy short blonde hair (you know those arty-types)

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