Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paper Cut

Ok so I know on the side panel here it says that this is an ad-free blog … well, does it count if I’m advertising myself? Hope not, cos I want to introduce you to my new little business venture.

As a copywriter who dreamed (or is it dreamt?!) of being a designer, I thought I’d place a little bit more emphasis on dong what I love – and that’s making pretty things - for myself and for others. And then the fee-arn-say told me I needed to earn my keep around the house, so I decided to ask people to pay me for the pretty things I make them. And so far, so great!

E-stationery is a growing trend amongst us environment and wallet conscious party planners, and what better way to speak to your potential guests than through their computer screens – where they spend most of their times anyway. Plus it’s all really affordable – it has to be otherwise nobody would want it, right

But enough waffle from me. Take a look at some of the stuff I’ve done and please feel free to pass it on to any of your friends. I do e-stationery for weddings, parties, social gatherings, and anything your little heart desires. And although I specialise in email-able stuff I can easily help with printing if that’s your bag baby.

Click on the image to see it really really big and kief.

Joking about the fee-arn-say by the way. He just wants bigger birthday presents!

I often think about how weird the concept of a blog is.
I mean, I think it’s a very cool concept, but it makes me wonder sometimes … why do I feel so guilty when I don’t have the time to log in and post something. It’s not like I’m talking to anyone in particular. It’s not like I’m losing out on money, or failing at my life, right? Then why does it feel so bad to be away for so long!?

But never mind. I’m back and I’ve been thinking about you, my dear little Distings, for so long now, and I have missed you oh-so-terribly. Almost as much as I have missed the sensation of summer rays seeping into my sallow skin … But no more!
No more will I feel lost, and lonely and like I've failed you dear Distings. Adele and her lyrics to Someone Like You will no longer make us feel like we’re destined to be apart, when really, we should be together always!

No more will I fall asleep thinking:  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liking The Lady Bird

Loving this beautiful Parisian look from a local brand, I must admit, I have never heard of before. Lily Bird is currently stocked in over 10 YDE stores countrywide and have some beautifully fresh and lady-like stuff.

This shoot was done by Samantha Meber, one of my top 3 wedding photographers. What? Ok, so I have a Top Three of everything … who doesn’t?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me And My Wrinkles

So yesterday, as I moved from a somewhat arbitrary 27, to the exciting prospect of 28 … I discovered something totally frightening. 

A new wrinkle. 

Just there on the side of my mouth! And I'm not particularly thrilled. But it’s ok, because I've done the mature thing and decided to take it in my, somewhat slower, more cautious, old-age stride. From now on I am attempting to age gracefully, to acknowledge that fact that I don’t really care about said wrinkles, and to enjoy the last of my twenties!

I could have pretended it was a smile line, but that would be a blatant lie.  
I most certainly was not smiling at the time of discovery.

But, like I said … moving on from one sad little wrinkle, to a whole year of exciting new discoveries and all things senile. YAY for being healthy, engaged, really really really ridiculously good-looking … and 28

Here's a pic I put together of some of my favourite things right now. Enjoy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saw this flipping awesome, totally cool, strangely bizarre picture here and just had to share it with you.

Not because I particularly like frogs ... but because it's rad 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How insanely beautiful are these pieces of work. Found here
Simple. Colourful. Smart. Love.

I know it’s been so awfully long since I’ve posted anything – except for my cutest of cute little nephew yesterday – but eish, what a crazy couple of weeks. I won’t bore you with how outrageously busy I’ve been at work, and starting up my own little business, and having my smart teeth yanked from my mouth, and getting into a bout of domestic violence with my domestic worker, and hosting a crazy wedding craft day and and and … I’ll simply post some rather awesome pictures that I found here