Monday, August 30, 2010

In My Next Life

I would like to be a stylist. Maybe for food.
How beautiful are these shots, and the colour palette.
Compliments of Cherry Blossom Girl. Very French, and very yum.

Music Changes Everything

Just got back from a crazy weekend of extreme high society in Cape Town with the BoyF and my little sis. Stellenbosch student life, a day at the races with the likes of Trevor Manuel’s really tall son and other rich but pleasant brats, lounging on a private beach with oh-so-yummy cocktails, eating R160 pizza … time to come back to reality and do some work. SIGH

But a 4am start hardly makes Monday morning any easier to deal with. And to top it all off, flying is my worst thing – after wind and mosquitoes - it’s painful, and it’s boring. It’s painfully boring too. But thanks to the wonders of my fancy new iTouch I was able to get through the 2-hour slog with a smile on my face. Do yourself a favour and check out this beautiful duo on their lovely little website: 

Then go watch the music video and listen to 4 of their tracks before you rush off to buy their new albumn. Totally delightful. My favourite is AND THE BOYS – had that one song on repeat for an entire hour. The poor bullet next to me had to sit through half a flight of the same muffled harmony coming from my headphones. But he can thank me later. The rest of you, go check it out NOW! 

Their website is just magical

Each new page has the same functions...

But a different look & feel

Did I say magical?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bag Lady?

I've never been much of a bag lady. Ha ha, funny.
No, really, I find it awkward, cumbersome, and I feel like a dork carrying a bag around with me everywhere.

That was until I found ... drum roll please ... 

Ok that's a little dramatic, even by my standards, but hear me out:
Long adjustable strap, tan hide, multi-compartmentable (is that even a word?), smells like beef, feels like leather, is leather, cost the price of a small American space shuttle, and now, officially attached to my hip.
I wish I had a photo to show you, but I don't. Sorry.
I do, however, have some other beauts that come kinda close.
These are all from TOPS SHOP and you can check them, plus a whole bunch of other really, really, really nice stuff on their website here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naked Swedish Nurses

Frank told me that he'd only follow the blog if I posted something about Naked Swedish Nurses on it.
I know ... he's extremely shallow, but I must be honest, I want more followers.

So Frank, I know they're not naked, but I did google "Naked Swedish Massages" and this is what I found. Now please be so kind as to honour your side of the bargain.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

La Chance Que Je Suis

Je pars en France à temps Décembre avec le petit ami et ses parents

Ce sera officiellement mon premier Noël blanc jamais - trop excité pour les mots. Bon sang, Paris dans le temps de neige. Je suis déjà faibles au niveau des genoux.

Elle sera également mon 2nd Noël loin de Mumsie. Sigh. Mais, pour m'empêcher d'y penser  j'ai trouvé les photos les plus sympathiques de Paris que je viens d'avoir à partager. Êtes-vous jaloux encore?

So, basically what I just said is that I'm off to France in December time with the BoyF and his folks. This will officially be my first ever white christmas - too excited for words. Good grief - Paris in the snow time. I'm already weak at the knees.

It'll also be my 2nd Christmas away from mumsie. Sigh. But to stop myself from thinking about it - I found the most delightful photographs of Paris that I just had to share. Are you jealous yet?



Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's For You

Every once in a blue moon, you meet a really super-special-someone who adds the most amazing colour to your life. Happy Birthday to that special someone.

Boodie Bottles

Trust Coca-Cola to think of everything.
Tying in with Milan Fashion Week, and in an effort to raise money for the earthquake stricken Abruzzo region in 2009, Coca-Cola light (of course with fashion – it's gotta be light) teamed up with spans of famous designers to create the ultimate fashionista bottles.

The bottles actually went on sale after the show and proceeds went towards funding scholarships for young females in the Abruzzo (Italy) region to further their educations.

Conveyor belt style runway

Moschino playful girl range

Check the convertible above the Versace bottle

How cool that they “walk” themselves up and down the ramp. Ingenius. If only all creative briefs came with huge budgets like this one. Oh to work for Coca-Cola. SIGH.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Ode To Justin

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I totally love Justin Timberlake.
He rocks my body.

The boy’s got style, he can move, and act. He gets all the hotties - despite his curly hair - he can play any instrument, beat box like something out of the Bronx, he’s got stage presence, and although he’s got one of those really high-pitched-squeeze-your-balls-falsetto-tenor-kinda voices, no one can deny that JT can bust a note. Yes, the boy can sing.

I should really stop calling him a boy, because let’s be honest: He’s The Man!

The budding actor slash dancer slash singer slash green peace spokesperson is also an entrepreneur of note. With his own fashion label, perfume range, doll set, and record label (to name only a few) … it was only a matter of time before he delved into the magical world of alcohol. Tequila to be precise.

Yes folks, JT’s drink of choice is none other than the dirty little Mexican: Tequila. And when you’re as big and famous (and gorgeous) as Justin, you don’t buy tequila in the shops. You make your own.

We all know Justin likes to bring sexy back, and I think he’s done it with 901 Silver Tequila.  Apparently unlike the tequila we slug back at Billies, this triple distilled spirit with an incredibly smooth finish can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave (the Agave plant is where they get Tequila from) and with an aroma unlike other tequilas, its unique flavor and surprisingly smooth finish put 901 Silver Tequila in a league of its own.

Eish. I wonder how much a shot costs.
Check out the super sexy films on their super steamy website here and have a squizzical at the sultry ad campaign below.

Very nice. I like.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilt Free Shopping

Coloured Cords

Look what my friendly friend Elsie-pooh-Esmeraldo found for us.
TOMS is an American based company that sells some really rad skatties. But the best part of all is that with every pair of shoes purchased they donate a pair of brand new shoes to a needy child in developing countries. One for One the project is called. And rather lovely shoes they are too. Don't they just look so comfy?

Textured Prints

Ladies Wedges

The website says they’re “available just about anywhere” but that’s not entirely true because they’re not available in South Africa. Phft!
But I’ve mailed them and will keep you posted on the response.
If they can hook us up, I’m definitely getting a pair. For a good cause, and for fashion.

Lace-less Skatties
Check out their website here (it’s really cool with lots of bits and bobs) and treat yourself to some guilt free shopping.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Heavens Above

I just love colours.
Look at our house and you'll agree. One green wall. One red wall. One brown wall. Beautiful.
But loving colour doesn't necessarily mean you have to love all things bright and sunshiny. Oh no siree. Black is a colour too. Well actually, no it's not but you get my drift.
Some of the most moving colour palettes are those that incorporate greys with deep hues of red, purple and brown. Ha ha listen to me talking like I know stuff about colour. 

It's not that hard. Colours either move you or they don't. 
Like these bad boys right here ... they make my heart go giddey-up

p.s. i hate the way my computer tries to get me spell color like an American re-tard

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wall Art

Have you heard ... African river beads are out. Stickers are back in!
Found this lady in Cape Town who makes the most beautiful vinyl wall art. She does everything to size and you can even have your own sayings plastered across your bog walls. Ingenius.
Loving the light bulbs and the world map.
Check out more of her gorgeous stuff here at De Waal Art
You can thank me later

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Once, Twice, Three Times ... A Maybe?

Perhaps this third attempt at a somewhat meaningful or at least slightly interesting piece of blog will do more than sit in my cookies folder with no one to read it.

The first time I thought it was lame. I mean, who wants to read about my life on the internet. Pathetic, really.

The second time I managed to convince myself it was simply for means of cataloguing my stuff. For a period of about 4 days. Super successful.

This time ... I'm hoping it's different.
I'm about to turn 27, and I don't give a flying shit what it's meant to stand for or what I'm meant to be doing on here. The point is ... I'M HERE ...

and here's something to get us off to the right start. It is, after all, an inner celebration.