Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Wish I Could Draw

So I'm not hugely interested in art. I mean I love colour, right, and I can appreciate a good piece of work, and I'm the first to admit when something moves me ... but on a whole, art and I, well, we're just not the best of friends.

And it's OK, because it's a mutual understanding. 
I don't pretend to know a master piece when I see it, and it doesn't insist on changing my life. How can I be friends with something that lacks a definition ... or a satisfactory one at least. It's just not meant to be.

And yes i'm bitter because i can't draw, but those who can't do, make friends with those who can ... and I'm loving the work at oneofforiginals by my friend the "artist". 

Especially these guys here.

Have loved the Vespa Series since she first started talking about creating them - and really love that it's not just a painting but an actual piece of hard labour ... carved, scratched, etched, painted and really a lot of thought and crayon monkey blood sweat and tears have gone into each piece. Now THAT'S art I can appreciate.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Post-It Love

So for D-Day I need to create some kind of cool background for people to stand infront of while they have their happy snaps snapped … and I had this really cool idea to make a bright coloured, lumo Post-it montage. Yes, it would take a good couple of hundred hours to create - but the effect, I’m sure, would have a talkability of about 10 out of 10, not to mention the fact that it’ll just look flipping awesome.

But I must be honest, the hard labour that has to go into it is a little off-putting, when you add it to the list of a gazillion other things that have to be done for a DIY D-Day.

But then I saw this video and thought to myself: "Self ...  if they can use over 350 000 post-its to create something super cool like this, than I’ll be damned … so can I."

With the help of the brideslaves of course!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


They call it the ridiculous pool. The D*Face Spray Paint Skateboard Interface. 
An empty pool that creates the perfect canvas for a bunch of skaters hoping to create some art. And they do, and it’s seriously cool. 
Check out the video here.


My friend the Durbanite sent me this. A fitting follow up to my last post.

The English Language Is Nasty

If there’s on thing I hate more than wind on a beautiful day … it’s being bad at what I do.  And considering a large portion of my daily job entails checking that the grammar and spelling of work is correct before it goes to print - I really need to get on the ball with the English language.

I always thought I was pretty good at grammar and stuff - but I guess that's just in comparison to the fee-arn-say (sorry liefie). And most days I do get it. I mean I know how it's THERE and not THEIR and when IT'S right to use apostrophes and when IT'S not. 

But the other days, oh the other days ... I'm like an English re-tard. 
Take for example, this line: The Platinum Pensioners Wednesdays
Usually PENSIONERS would have an apostrophe on it. After the S of course.
But not today, because Platinum Pensioners is the name of an 'event' ... I mean COME ON!!!! I cant keep up with all these rules. Dam you english language for being so utterly confusing and intimidating and making me feel like a fool.

I'm buying this poster from
It makes me laugh - and it helps me write good

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I bought some of the super popular Washi Tape while I was cruising the streets of Grenoble last year … because naturally, you can’t really find the stuff in South Africa. Unless, of course, you consider that really gritty worn and torn 3-piece little bundle that they’re selling at the Space, to be Washi Tape … which personally,  I don’t.

But after the constant hype about it from all the bloggers, I was referred to this shitty site to buy some Tape online, and I did … but I’m still waiting for my delivery of an exciting pack of 10 colourful Washi Tape Rolls to stick on everything I can think of. It’s been about 7 months now and I’m R450 down. Still no Washi Tape. I’ve mailed them about 4 gazillion times and even tried phoning, but still no luck and no response. And NO Washi Tape.

But anyway. There are 2 points to this story:

1. Don’t EVER buy your Washi Tape from this website because they won’t send it to South Africa; they SUCK hairy donkey balls. 

And 2. Live your life vicariously through those who do.

I love the way this chick has used Washi Tape as cute table decor rather than using fresh flowers, and then carried it through to candle jars too. Real pretty effect don't you think? 

images courtesy of kelly oshiro events

Spooning Does Not Always Lead To Forking

Thought these pics were so cute, and they reminded me of the fee-arn-say. I know boys like to think they’re really mucho – but they like ot spoon just as much as we do.

image courtesy of

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fox Hat

International Beer ads are generally flipping hilarious. 
This is one of my ultimate favourites - and I laugh EVERY time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

today’s inspiring thought is sponsored by

Found this really cool website, thanks to emmajanenation, which pays homage to the good old fashioned form of communication, using paper. It's a bunch of letterheads tat could possibly belong to certain famous people and institutions. Some of them are based on real life letterheads sourced from archives, etc, and others are just based on design elements and icons of the subject ... but enough waffle from me. These are some of my favourites. Go check them out here

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I think that right now ...  instead of being here on this cold and gloomy Tuesday (which is weird, by the way, for Durban) I’d much prefer to be somewhere fun-tastic. Like Glastonbury.

How ama-zing is the patchwork signage!
and Mumford and Sons!
and the mud!
and the ribbon tower!
So much of creativity and music in one place can only be a fabulously good thing.

Yay for Fat Tuesday and their half price sale.

visit their site here
My friend the painter has some stuff that she stocks up there in Kloof - so I'm hoping to grab a piece or two for my collection.