Thursday, June 30, 2011

dear chris martin

you are so cute and dorky!
but I must admit i am loving your new take on life – happiness, i think they call it. 
finally a coldplay music video with colour in it.

and we all know how much i love colour. 
and you. of course!
thanks for making my day you beautiful little Brit!

Today I really want:

* An organic chai tea latte with soya milk from woolies.
* A brain fart for the latest campaign I’m working on
* My mom to come visit me tonight
* And one bazillion dollars to get me some of these lust-haves from B H L D N (my ultimate drool website)

gathered posie wedges

revival party dress

buttercup hair clips

entwined belt

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm BACK!!!


So I just feel like I need to apologise for being such a blog-less-grump-o these last few days. Mumsie always used to tell me that no-one likes to hang out with a miserable sod. 
So I’ve decided to stop being a miserable sod and find something to make me smile.

And it's called: I Want That Wedding
You can find it here

The site is still pretty new, but it's still pretty.
 And soon enough every bride and her excitable mother-in-law will be clicking in with their morning cup of coffee to see what's new, and again just before bed time. 

There are pages for honeymoon destinations, local vendors, real life weddings (as opposed to fake life weddings) and pictures and DIy ideas for your own special day. I really wish i could find the time to do something like this. It must be so much fun to spend your day sourcing all the latest wedding trends, reliable vendors and great pics of pretty dresses and things. I'm totally jealous.

But I'm also totally excited to see where this little web find takes us.
So check it out, and happy browsing.

 images found here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So I recently finished this book called Blood Sisters. Have you read it?
Oh man … great book. Apart from the fact that it had me in tears - the kind that restrict your breathing - for a total of 4 days.

Ya, ok, so I’m a big softy. But I can’t help it that when I read a book, or watch a movie I literally become the character.  Which is why I have banned myself from watching sad movies like My Sister’s Keep or P.S I love you … movies that have me depressed for days afterwards.

I thought this book was a good happy story, until the last chapter. And then I fell into a dark hole of misery, only to be brought back into the light by my friend with the crinkly hair who has read the 2nd book and who insists that life gets better and everyone is happy. So that’s what I’m counting on.

But the book is set in Kenya. And I’ve never really ever thought about Kenya as a place I’d like to visit. But after reading the descriptions and imagining what it could look like ... in my head it’s beautiful. And on camera it’s beautiful too. Check out these pics I grabbed from Th Cherry Blossom Girl here. I wonder what it’s like in real life?

Oh wow it’s been a long time since I actually had something useful to blog about.
Well … today that’s not really going to change.

My boss is away for 2 weeks and has me jumping through hoops, pandering to indecisive clients and just general chaos control. It’s not going so well. You would think that I’d be excited about the prospect of being able to fluff up my feathers a bit, get out there, and interact with clients, to be the face instead of the silent brains behind the creative ideas. But I must admit, I’ve never felt less motivated in my whole life.

You know when you’ve got so much to do, and it’s not difficult work, it’s just getting started that is the problem. I’m about as driven right now, as a tricycle with no wheels. And no seat! When really, I'd much rather be a set of monster truck wheels - steaming ahead with my life, making things happen, creating great pieces of work, being happy with stuff and just taking control of shit.

I think it’s the whole idea of working for someone else that is freaking me out. Kind of like a death sentence. I mean we spend pretty much our whole lives at the office! good grief!!!!

Forgive me, I have these moments. It will pass. I’m hoping though, that it won’t pass and I’ll actually get the courage to refresh myself and get out there and start again!

I have seen this pic on about 6 or 7 different blogs now. It’s funny how we’re all so different, but essentially, we all want the same thing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remember a (long) while back I said to watch this space for a big and creative mood board that I was going to create for all my bits and bobs at home to stick up in my study and make you jealous with … well … keep watching. I haven’t even started on it yet.

I swear, if you’re not extremely careful, life will just run away with you – and before you know it you’ll be old with arthritis fingers and unable to do all the cool, crafty things you dreamt of doing while you still could – because you spent every waking hour doing other things for other people. SIGH.

Note to self. When you have a brain fart … and it excites you. Act on it.
Ok and that’s my ramble for the day.

image by me

Friday, June 17, 2011

My office chair hates me.
It does everything in its power to ensure that I have 8 hours of uncomfortable, back-breaking sitting every day.
And if I want a new one, I have to buy it myself. Which sucks balls cos chairs are not cheap.
But there are some really cool chairs, couches and sitting places out there.

some of the images found here and here and here and on gooni-google

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I always feel a bit weird looking at other people’s facebook pictures or reading up about bloggers and folk on the interweb, whom I don’t even know … it makes me feel a little bit voyeuristic and odd. But we all do it, so I guess there’s no shame in admitting that I did it a few minutes ago.
Looking for some work inspiration, I literally stumbled across a picture of a couple sitting in their bedroom minding their own business. But I liked the look of their room so much that I did some link clicking and found myself at Todd Selby’s website: The Selby
Tomm is an interior and portrait photographer and captures creative people in their home and work space. He’s got a great eye for detail and creates visuals that don’t belong in the pages of Visi – which is just how I like it. Real, and messy and creatively organised. Here are some pictures I grabbed off his website of the couple I stalked. Can you blame me though. I really love how warm and 'normal' it is.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Gotta love wall art. 



Especially when it’s as fun and ageless as the stuff done by Lim Heng Swee. 
Also known as ilovedoodles, she's an illustrator and artist from Malaysia and she does kids clothing, wall art, illustrations, collaborations with major brands and has an online store here

Trust me, her work is as cute as her name. 

Morning and happy Monday. How was your weekend?
I had such a fabulous 3 days with my bestest before she leaves for New Zealand forever. Big un-smiley face.
We trawled the streets of Durban in a taxi on Friday night, had sing-offs, ate Tapas with our hands, nursed hangovers with far too many pizzas, left the boys watching rugby all weekend, drank soya chai lattes while scootering about the nieghbourhood, got pampered by the most wonderful African ladies at Mangwanani, and found the prettiest most perfect-ist dresses and shoes for the Bridesmaids.
Oooh, exciting excitable excitement.

But enough about me.
Check out these super smart food dividers. Aren't they awesome. And wouldn’t this be so lovely for a wedding pre-snack section. I love it!
And check how nice and big and meaty those olives look. YUM

sorry i can't remember exactly where i got this from, but i know it was from a post on here

Friday, June 10, 2011

Been choosing flowers and things for D-Day. Flip … whoever woud have thought that the simplest thing, like flowers, could make a girl so giddy with excitement! I’ve also made a promise to myself – to make sure that there are flowers in my house AT ALL times. Whether it’s big expensive bouquets that I buy myself (because no one else will buy them for me … hint hint lover boy) or blommetjies picked from my garden … a house filled with the smell of flowers and the colour of nature, is a flipping cool house!

images found here, here, here, and here

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My love … I don’t know what I would do without you in my life

Oh I do ....
- have to wade through weeks worth of dirty rods and t-shirts on the floor, just to get from the bed to the bathroom. 
- eat oysters, snails, ox tongue and other revolting delicacies all the time.
- become a work-a-holic
- stick funny things up your nose
- watch far too much tv resulting in square eyes and tubbi-ness 
- never have experienced the magic that is the APPLE MAC BOOK PRO
- never have to rush out for lucozade
- never pay that much attention to advertising
- still have gravel in the garden instead of the little eco-park of happiness
- never have to cut the weeds, or take out the rubbish, or clean the cat box, or wash your hands, or floss your teeth
- never give away your smoothie stickers
- never have meet the editor of Scope Magazine
- never have to buy tampons, popcorn or decaf coffee ever again
- never have to buy your fuses instead of stealing them from me 
AND … you would never have made me the happiest girl in the world!

Found this seriously beautiful dessert table here. I just love the rosette wall at the back. Have played around trying to make some of them myself over the last couple of months but they never really come out too kief. It always look like I’ve tried really hard but failed really badly. Anyone know how to make them, and make them well?