Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’m convinced that I was meant for the 1920’s.
Or whatever the era is when they first invented headbands.
Every time we have a dress up party or if there’s a function that is even just a little bit formal, I seriously contemplate pulling out the pearly headband that pushes up my hair from the back - making me look like a messy, albeit sexy, hippie - and which leaves deep and painful indents in my forehead. Although I’ve never really have the courage to actually go through with it, there’s just something so beautiful about a girl with things in her hair. And if you don’t agree … you will …once you’ve had a look at these:

Untamed Petals is an overseas company (SIGH) that makes the most lovely headbands, fascinators, detailed combs, sashes … and more They're dainty, and feminine, and chic and sparkly, and they make me wish that I could sew. I’m definitely going to try and order one of these for the big day. Although they're not cheap - they range from $85 - $140 - excluding shipping. Here, have a look see:

Plus the styling of the models on their website is really great and has given me some cool ideas for bridesmaid - just general all-round-gorgeousness I tell you.

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