Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My never-ending obsession with all things bright and colourful has led me (once again) to the coolhunter where I stumbled upon this showcase of some really flipping cool wall art. 


After spotting the now well-known old man face on the corner or Argyle and Cowey Road a year or so ago, I tried to convince a client of mine that it would be a fabulous idea to own a piece of wall space in Durban where artists could express their thoughts and ideas about Brand X, life, and whatever else they fancied.
They didn’t buy it. Boo!

But I still maintain that getting people involved by doing what they’re good at – is a sure fire way to get people excited about their home-towns. As long as it’s not tagging and adds aesthetic appeal to the streets – why not make Durban a brighter place to live?! If I'm not mistaken, the progressive art done on Connaught Bridge has even featured on Carte Blanche - it makes that much sense.

Now check out what Dulux did, as part of their Let's Colour Project. I wish this was my idea, and that we could do it here, in Durban. I think it’s magic.

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