Friday, March 4, 2011

Not sure if anyone has heard of these guys before, but I was put onto this website by my very-trendy aunt who happens to know everyone and everything about anything remotely cool. It’s a Cape Town based design company that specialises in personalized stationary. They call themselves a couture graphic design studio - which basically says it all.  And when I say they have some really seriously flipping cool stuff, I’m speak no word of a lie. If I had my way (with my bank manager) I would not hesitate in ordering everything through them for D-Day.

I can’t say much more about them. You simply HAVE to go and have a squizz for yourselves. They call it stylish and inspirational stationary ... and it most certainly is!

May I introduce to you ... elsje designs

Watch this space, because I am thinking seriously about having a cake sale or something just as desperate to get me 200 of those pop up place mats. I want, I want, I want!

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  1. i personally believe that you should get into this sort of thing. you'd be SO fantastic at it! and it'll get your creative juices flowing everyday. you'll make a fortune! everyone thats getting married at the moment has gone to 2 different people in durbs. you should become the 3rd!!!!

    just a thought... use it. don't use it.