Thursday, March 31, 2011

So you know how last week I mentioned that I never win anything … OH EM GEE how that has changed in the 24 hours.

This morning, while naughtily checking out some blogs when I REALLY should have been brain storming up some teen-tampon ideas, I saw this on CAPE TOWN GIRL! 

This is me ... in a weeks time ... when my prize arrives 

And then  I got a mail from the peeps at TOPS & TALES telling me that my little story synopsis that I’d entered has just won me 2 new fabulous books.

STOKE STOKE STOKE … I’ve also changed my mind about my mood today. I’ll leave “being sad” for another time! Thanks to TOPS & TALES for the books – can’t wait to share them with the girls at Book Wine Club, and YAY for Cape Town Girl … and my new wardrobe. Perfect timing



  1. please note i'm a size 8... lets share the jeans?? u are SO lucky! it's obviously because of how gosh darn talented you are... so i'm VERY jealous! xxx