Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilt Free Shopping

Coloured Cords

Look what my friendly friend Elsie-pooh-Esmeraldo found for us.
TOMS is an American based company that sells some really rad skatties. But the best part of all is that with every pair of shoes purchased they donate a pair of brand new shoes to a needy child in developing countries. One for One the project is called. And rather lovely shoes they are too. Don't they just look so comfy?

Textured Prints

Ladies Wedges

The website says they’re “available just about anywhere” but that’s not entirely true because they’re not available in South Africa. Phft!
But I’ve mailed them and will keep you posted on the response.
If they can hook us up, I’m definitely getting a pair. For a good cause, and for fashion.

Lace-less Skatties
Check out their website here (it’s really cool with lots of bits and bobs) and treat yourself to some guilt free shopping.

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