Thursday, January 20, 2011

What ya’ll doing this cool and overcast summers evening?
I’m meeting up with a long lost friend (who actually lives a stones throw away from me, but who I never see – half because I’m useless and half because she’s just as useless as me) and we’re going to perve over all the delicious food at the Sunset Food Market.

I think it’s really great how, more and more, Durbanites are embracing this whole market vibe. It’s very Cape-Town of us.

The grand-daddy of all flea markets -  this old faithful happens every Saturday, come rain or uprising. I doubt there's a single sole in the greater KZN area who hasn't spent a Saturday morning strolling its stalls. find out more here

(my personal favourite) Best to get there early before the field becomes overcrowded with cars, people and dogs of all shapes and sizes. And by early, I mean like 5:30 in the morning, when there’s still dew on the ground, the coffee is fresh and hot, and there's less of a chance of standing in dog pooooooh. Very awesome place for a family breakfast and an early start to your weekend. find out more here

On the first Saturday of every month. Wonderfully crafty, very DIY and becoming increasingly popular with the community of bloggers in Durban - considering the community of bloggers in Durban all sell their stuff there. Also becoming increasingly more expensive, but I guess if it's the good quality, hand made products that you're after, then it's totally worth it. find out more here

On the last weekend of every month. Haven't been to this one yet but I'm told it's really cool. Lots of yummy food bits and pieces: pestos, breads, nougats, sweets, jams, and all that jazz. find out more here

It’s not really called the AMAZING Night Market but I need to find out more about this one – we went one evening in December last year, and it was seriously awesome. A few vendors from the I heart (with increased prices … maybe things become more valueable after dark??) delicious snacky food and beers, and just a really great festive vibe  - complete with a quartet jazz band. Very cool.

And now this:
So if you don’t have much planned this evening between 5pm and 9pm, why not come along to the Norwegian Hall on 214 St Thomas Road for some catch ups, home brewed beers and a nibble or two on delights from all across the world. It is, after all … PHUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZA THUUURSDAY! find out more here

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