Thursday, January 20, 2011

I was going through my photos the other night and I found some shotsI took of my gorgeously-adorable-deliciously-cute nephews 1st ever birthday party: with a Cowboys and Indian theme. As with most of our family hosted parties, it always starts off really nice and sweet, but then the big boys start drinking their beers like party punch and it all gets horribly fun and raucous. Here’s some colourful pics from the morning, before people were sticking fizzers up noses and braaing marshmallow clowns. We had such fun with the baking and setting up. Nice to be young-at-heart again, but only for a day, because I can't tell you how many Flings I ate. SIGH.




me thinks batman ate too may flings too, he can't even fit into his kit.  

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