Friday, January 28, 2011

So … I’ve been playing around and swipe swipe swiping away at a really great website for the last couple of weeks: and although it pains me to have to share my secrets, I feel that it’s only fair to let the rest of you get a chance to swipe for yourselves. Although I’d be super surprised if most of you didn’t already know about this wonderful gem of a website/company and weren’t already huge fans.

In Good Company are an online based company that both sells and hires all types of wonderful bits and pieces. They also have a blog on their site and great ideas on party and event decor.

At first I only caught onto their product offerings - which includes some of the most fabulous ribbons, tags and string that you can think of. Ideal for Christmas time gift-wrapping, or even nice to buy a roll of twine and keep it handy for every time you’ve got a birthday gift to wrap. Brown paper and pretty twine makes for a really nice DIY-looking gift.

And not just ribbons; BIG ass colourful balloons, bunting, garlands, and all types of pretty hanging things. Candles, cutlery, crockery, dining ware, party fare and kiddie delights. Wedding inspirations and DIY invitations, lanterns, lighting and loved-up goodies – there really is everything you can think of, and lots of stuff you never even knew existed.

 to be continued  ...

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  1. I LOVE it! We also found the site during wedding planning hours!
    See you tomorrow sweets x