Friday, January 14, 2011

Ok so after much deliberation I decided that maybe I should try and have at least 1 Resolution for this year. Up until now I’ve been pretty clueless as to what that resolution could be, and whether I can keep it going for a whole year. But then, scrolling through one of my favourite blogs I found these.

Aren’t they too cute for words? And they look so simple to do.

So I figured, seeing as though I’m what we like to call a “creative” soul, surely I can put that talent to use in the kitchen? And it’ll definitely be something that I’ll keep up … cos you know, a girl’s gotta eat every now and then.

Ok … so I resolve to make something deliciously creative and scrumptiously gorgeous every Sunday. Whether it’s Shortbread cookies with a twist, or Fois Gras drizzled in a Guniper Berry reduction sprinkled with a humble dash of Saffron - I will cook. And I will cook well. Or at least I’ll try really really hard to cook well.

Generally I do enjoy cooking. You know, dinner and stuff. I like to be a bit adventurous too, by making up the recipes as I go. It’s just the whole rigmarole of deciding what to cook that gets to me. And while that’s where the creativity is meant to come in, I just don’t have the time during the evenings to put together some gourmet dish. Or attempt a gourmet dish for that matter. Hence the reason for the Sunday cook-a-thon. I think it’ll be fun. And now I’m going to rake through the internet to find my top 3 favourite cookey websites from which I will steal recipes for the next 12 months.
My tummy is excited.

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  1. enjoy hun, it's a FAB idea! i have a few guilt free recipes to share with you too... x