Monday, January 31, 2011

After devouring the ‘shop online’ section at In Good Company, I went to their goodie guide section on the website and found this fabulous digital catalogue for chicks planning their wedding, (for all chicks really … ) looking for inspiration and great ideas.

They’ve created a gorgeous little piece on the girls from Sex & The City, with a take on what each different character’s wedding could look like. It’s so tasteful I just love the whole thing. They’ve got tons of other catalogues for other occasions too. Definitely worth a couple of hours squizz time.

Here’s a few pics of the catalogue, but really, there is just far too much deliciousness on the site to be able to show you everything. So do yourself a favour and go check it out. But like I said before – there’s a LOT to take in so make sure your boss is out for a meeting or do it this weekend when you can use your own bandwidth to perve over the loveliness that is In Good Compay.

It really is a gift-wrapping, scrap-booking, party-planning, creative-dream come true. So enjoy


Sorry if a few of the pics are pixelised - just wanted to blow them up as big as the sky to show you how beautiful everything is! I know I keep on saying it but check out the website for more.

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