Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's official. I've got the wedding blues.
I'm just so disappointed with the KZN wedding facilities and the things on offer to poor little old bride's like me. POOR: because like more and more people are doing ... we have decided to pay for our own wedding. And OLD: because by the time I save up enough money to do the things I want to do at the wedding, I'll be well into my 30's. Crisis!!!!

But I digress. 
I'm battling. I'm really battling to find a wedding venue in KZN that 
a) suits our country chic style, 
b) doesn't cost half a gazillion South African rands, and 
c) doesn't come with a huge amount of fine print and super-sneaky adjustable quotes that will nail you just before you head off on a honeymoon you can no longer afford.

Being engaged sounds exciting, doesn't it!
Don't get me wrong - I'm still having heaps of fun. Ok maybe not heaps, but finding the venue, I think, is pretty much one of the 348 most important things about your wedding day. Like the invitations, it sets the tone for the day to come. So if you're having a beach theme but your venue is an enclosed hall in the midlands - in winter ... it kinda doesn't really make sense, right?

And about this retro cool, casual, country chic that i'd like to go for ... well, I know what you're thinking: "are you crazy ... KZN has the midlands ... it doesn't get more country than that"

I know, I know, I totally know - I've been all up and down it for the last 3 months (well, virtually anyway) and they all look the same to me. Maybe I'm just having an off day. 

Or maybe I'm not. It's just that they all offer the same thing: 
* Maximum 150 guests
* Round tables
* Plastic chairs  (and if you pay upfront, they throw in the chair covers for free! BONUS!)
* A cake table, and knife
* A DJ table
* A really small chapel to squeeze into 
* and the use of their lawn for your over-priced, largely uncreative photo shoot.

Oh my I do sound bitter, don't I. I apologise - this is meant to be a happy place and a happy time. Perhaps I should go check out Kat on rock n roll bride - she's all about doing things differently when it comes to throwing a "kick ass" wedding. Which I guess is what every bride wants. The key is to stay positive and to find yourself a blank canvas that you can change into your own personal dream come true. 

I think the reason for my slump is because all day i've been looking at average places with average offerings, and then I spent a good hour and a bit drooling on the oh-so-incredible Mr Otto De Jager’s website, and it’s times like these that I just wish we lived in Cape Town. Just look at these beauts - they wreak of Cape Town country chicness:

But enough nastiness to KZN. I shall return with only good things to report on.
Til tomorrow peeps

The awesomeness that is oncewed.com has a really great, really thourough post up today about he Golden Globes. take a squizz here

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