Monday, September 13, 2010

Will You Be My Death Friend?

I know it’s pretty sordid for a Monday but hear me out – I found this on a blog I’ve recently started following: The Curious Brain, and it talks about something that I’ve been curious (ha ha) about for a while now.

So … what happens to your stuff when you die?
I’m not talking your large CD collection or that expensive bag you bought, or that dress your friends always ask to borrow. I mean the real important stuff (debatable) like your diary, your personal emails, and your facebook account? Makes you think a little bit hey?  I think it should be completely necessary, if not compulsory, for everyone to find one friend and nominate them as your when-I’m-gone-will-you-cover-my-ass buddy. Someone who is responsible for destroying all discriminating evidence or photographs or things from your life that you don’t want other people to see, read, find, once you’ve left for the big pearly whites upstairs.

I’m not saying me, myself and I have tons of discriminating things hidden all over the place or that I plan on dying anytime soon – but if I’m completely honest there are a couple of really funny, really gross photos I keep hidden (the point that I keep them means that they’re amusing more than they are gross), some raunchy emails from the BoyF that I’ve saved for a rainy day, and little bits and pieces in my diary that I assumed would always be “For My Eyes Only” as it’s scribbled on the first page. And think about Facebook. It’s pretty freaky getting a request to reconnect with someone who passed away 3 years ago. See below, and let me hear your thoughts. I’m interested to know what you think, or if you’ve ever even thought about it before. Or if it's just me and the Curious Brain guy ...

Ok promise the next post will be less death, more sunshine – because dam, it’s a glorious day outside today! Hello summer, I love that you’re so near.

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  1. Wow, what a priviledge to look after someones most private things , when they are in a better place ... and I am not being sarccie :D , nice post Kendz , getting better and better soon you will have just about 8 000 000 000 followers reading the wordsmith-ing genius that is distings