Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello Lover...

I was going to post a whole bunch of beautiful clothing that I found: An utterly delicious brand called LOVER. They’re from Australia. Really seriously insanely nice stuff. But then I thought that this really seriously insanely nice stiff is just far too yummy to throw it all together in one communal post. It wouldn’t be doing the clothing any justice. And there’s a chance that you’ll be so awe-struck-in-love with them (like I was) that you won’t be able to pay each item the respect and drool it deserves. So … I've decided to split the post into 2. Keep you on your toes just a little bit. 

I’ve even added in my own little (very basic) design tweaks to each page in an attempt to “give this blog a voice” as I was raging on about yesterday. Goodbye Country Road Obsession – Hello LOVER.

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