Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From The Beginning

I think it’s time to start giving this blog a bit of a voice.  
I’m not sure exactly how to do that or how long it's going to take - but i need to make a start.
Although everything that I’ve posted so far has been fun and entertaining (probably more for me than anyone else) I still feel like it's a been a bit a rush. Not because I haven’t thought things through but because I’ve never really been overly opinionated about something, or spent the time crafting what I want you to hear or what I really want to be honest about. It’s all been about a quick look at this, a glimpse of that, et ceteraaaa.

But don’t get me wrong, these ‘quick glimpses’ into the weird, wonderful and wacky world out there will keep keeping on - it's fun. But from now on I think I want to include a little bit of fashion into the mix. Show you what I like, what I want to look like, what I think is cool and how much I hate those plastic looking 9-inch heel peep toe jumbo jet kick starting monsters that crawl up your leg like a gladiator take over … see below!


I’m also going to talk about meaningful things, like AIDS and pollution and how to live greener and be happier and get more out of life. And how to save the animals, the trees and the starving children in Ethiopia and what we can do to help or make a difference … 

And I’m also going ot talk about my new job – it’s coming, quick and fast, on the 4th of October I start a fresh – and I want to have something to say about it each day. Whether it’s a productive comment, a picture to describe how i'm feeling ... see below

.. Or to vent a frustration. Even an idea that I’m planning to unleash on the world. I want it all to happen here. If it’s boring – you can leave. If you like – please stay, and comment. While I love having you on here, essentially the whole point of this little page is for me to free up some of the creative and emotional tension that I’m building up on the inside. And I’ve started. Jeepers it’s amazing how 14 or so little posts on nothing in particular can put a frustrated writer / humanitarian / wanna-be-designer come fashionista like me at ease. Weird.
But I’m waffling. 

Let's begin. Again.

p.s. I am also going to start writing these posts in word, because at least word lets me choose from more than 3 fonts. Blogspot font choice ... you suck like comic sans! 

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