Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So I recently finished this book called Blood Sisters. Have you read it?
Oh man … great book. Apart from the fact that it had me in tears - the kind that restrict your breathing - for a total of 4 days.

Ya, ok, so I’m a big softy. But I can’t help it that when I read a book, or watch a movie I literally become the character.  Which is why I have banned myself from watching sad movies like My Sister’s Keep or P.S I love you … movies that have me depressed for days afterwards.

I thought this book was a good happy story, until the last chapter. And then I fell into a dark hole of misery, only to be brought back into the light by my friend with the crinkly hair who has read the 2nd book and who insists that life gets better and everyone is happy. So that’s what I’m counting on.

But the book is set in Kenya. And I’ve never really ever thought about Kenya as a place I’d like to visit. But after reading the descriptions and imagining what it could look like ... in my head it’s beautiful. And on camera it’s beautiful too. Check out these pics I grabbed from Th Cherry Blossom Girl here. I wonder what it’s like in real life?

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