Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm BACK!!!


So I just feel like I need to apologise for being such a blog-less-grump-o these last few days. Mumsie always used to tell me that no-one likes to hang out with a miserable sod. 
So I’ve decided to stop being a miserable sod and find something to make me smile.

And it's called: I Want That Wedding
You can find it here

The site is still pretty new, but it's still pretty.
 And soon enough every bride and her excitable mother-in-law will be clicking in with their morning cup of coffee to see what's new, and again just before bed time. 

There are pages for honeymoon destinations, local vendors, real life weddings (as opposed to fake life weddings) and pictures and DIy ideas for your own special day. I really wish i could find the time to do something like this. It must be so much fun to spend your day sourcing all the latest wedding trends, reliable vendors and great pics of pretty dresses and things. I'm totally jealous.

But I'm also totally excited to see where this little web find takes us.
So check it out, and happy browsing.

 images found here

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