Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning and happy Monday. How was your weekend?
I had such a fabulous 3 days with my bestest before she leaves for New Zealand forever. Big un-smiley face.
We trawled the streets of Durban in a taxi on Friday night, had sing-offs, ate Tapas with our hands, nursed hangovers with far too many pizzas, left the boys watching rugby all weekend, drank soya chai lattes while scootering about the nieghbourhood, got pampered by the most wonderful African ladies at Mangwanani, and found the prettiest most perfect-ist dresses and shoes for the Bridesmaids.
Oooh, exciting excitable excitement.

But enough about me.
Check out these super smart food dividers. Aren't they awesome. And wouldn’t this be so lovely for a wedding pre-snack section. I love it!
And check how nice and big and meaty those olives look. YUM

sorry i can't remember exactly where i got this from, but i know it was from a post on here

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