Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I always feel a bit weird looking at other people’s facebook pictures or reading up about bloggers and folk on the interweb, whom I don’t even know … it makes me feel a little bit voyeuristic and odd. But we all do it, so I guess there’s no shame in admitting that I did it a few minutes ago.
Looking for some work inspiration, I literally stumbled across a picture of a couple sitting in their bedroom minding their own business. But I liked the look of their room so much that I did some link clicking and found myself at Todd Selby’s website: The Selby
Tomm is an interior and portrait photographer and captures creative people in their home and work space. He’s got a great eye for detail and creates visuals that don’t belong in the pages of Visi – which is just how I like it. Real, and messy and creatively organised. Here are some pictures I grabbed off his website of the couple I stalked. Can you blame me though. I really love how warm and 'normal' it is.

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