Monday, February 28, 2011

JINKIES!!!!  Why do Mondays always come around so darn fast?

There I was, just getting the hang of my weekend when BOOM … I’m back at work staring out the window planning my next escape.

I did have a fabulous weekend though. Threw a (2nd) baby shower for my big sis up in the country and spent the whole of Sunday clearing out my ridiculously over-flowing cupboard. I must admit it was rather liberating. I even had the fee-arn-say come home from a boys paddling weekend, covered in mud, and offer to put up some shelves for me! So REALLY … things were good.

I’m shipping off all my clothes that I no longer like, fit into, or will ever wear again … to Pippa at The Thrift Collection – hopefully there’s some of my stuff that she want to buy and the rest I’ll  donate to a worthy charity.

I’ve been struggling to find a place where I can donate old bits and pieces to. I run past a shelter almost every week and have been meaning to pop in there and find out what they’re all about – thank heavens I haven’t yet because the same shelter has been on Carte Blanche two weeks in a row now! I wonder what will happen to those poor kids who are reliant on such money-hungry do-badders. Sigh. Maybe I should still go and pop in for a visit.

I do my bit for the NSPCA, the Hillcrest Aids Centre and will soon be contributing to Gozololo AIDS Orphanage … but I’m looking for a place that is small and receives very little help, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

And happy Monday Happy People … we’re almost half way through.

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  1. Thanks for your help for Gozololo my friend! I also did a clean out and am sending it to a lady in Pinetown who buys/sells clothes!
    Hope you have a happy week x