Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I must apologise for my lack of posts this week. I’ve been so busy doing really important things like losing my cell phone and getting 2 hours sleep after music concerts … but I’m back, and I’ve got tons of cool things to show you.
Where to start.

In true Distings fashion, I’m late on the up-take for Valentine’s Day. But who cares, right? Not me. The fee-arn-say and I don’t really celebrate it. Not because we don’t smaak each other stukkend, but just because it’s more fun celebrating it 7 days later when everyone else is back to hating each other again and we’re still all loved up!
That, and the fact that:
* Everything is double, if not triple, the price on the days leading up to V-Day.
* You can’t get a dinner reservation anywhere unless you book 578 days in advance,
* And well, we’ve been a bit pre-occupied this year … and moola is short thanks to the impending wedding

But enough about me. I did find some cool gift ideas for the day that you could maybe bank and use next year. Or do what I do, and don’t wait for permission from a little guy with a bow and arrow and short-man syndrome, to show him you dig him.

who doesn't like heart shaped candy in a heart shaped shape?

Use as a picture, some words in a card, a canvas painting ... really, the simplicity works wonders

so sweet

so simple

so clever

this is what the fee-arn-say bought me for Valentine's Day. Isn't it pretty.

this one's my favouite because it's just bloody clever and
I'd kiss him all day to Sunday if I got a coffee like this in the morning

Actually, these ideas are so simple (except for the chandelier-of-awesomeness) that your guy could do them for you and get away with not buying flowers, chocolates and a candle-lit-dinner on a secluded beach in Mauritius for Valentine's Day.

images courtesy of,, google, and lyrics by The Beatles

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