Thursday, February 3, 2011

How glorious are these hanging cotton pots. They’re made from biological cotton* – which I hade to gooni-google. I’ve heard of organic cotton, but never biological cotton. Turns out they’re the same thing.

Anyway … these new concept plant pots not only look super cool and trendy, but they’re versatile too. Their creators claim that you can use the ‘pot’ as a carry bag once the flower dies. Which, if you’re anything like me will be within a week. Two at a push. And think about how easy it is to transport from the nursery to your home. Depending on the type of plant you have they can hang indoors or outside. I think they’re particularly great for bachelor pads or high rise apartments, places with balconies and lots of railings. They’re also fabulous as a gift idea. Wouldn’t you just love to receive a little herb garden in one of these? I know I would.

I found them on this really great French based company website who specialise in green design. Have a look here, and check out their Tutrix Guides, also a great idea.

Cotton in controlled biological agricultural systems is cultivated according to previously defined standards. This system forbids the use of toxic and persistent non-bio-degradable chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. This way the soil and the groundwater are not further contaminated. The use of genetically modified organisms is also forbidden.

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