Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing some work on yet another environmentally friendly product, I went in search of some information on the web. While getting in tune with the green lingo and browsing through all the sites, it reminded me of a site that I used to frequent in the beginning of last year.

Green is Sexy is a really nifty website created by 3 best friends: one of whom happens to be the oh-so-lovely Noah-kissing Rachel McAdams from The Notebook.

It’s filled with ideas on how to change your lifestyle and become more kind on your planet. They've got the coolest ideas on how to change the little things. From the feasible to the absurd: eating insects to reduce the amount of energy used in meat farming, to shaving in a mug of water rather than with the tap running. There's even talk about starting a suduko puzzle ... and finishing it ... while you take the bus to work instead of driving. They even have a page of THINGS WE LOVE, which lists everything from eco-restaurants, products and books on sustainability.

The copy is really enjoyable and makes you feel like you’re a part of their circle of friends. They focus a lot on demonstrating and telling you how they can make a difference rather than shouting at you for doing things the harmful way. They claim they get more positive responses and conversions that way.

It’s a really simple site, basic design, factual and informative copy, but a nice site to bookmark or subscribe to if you’re serious about being serious about something serious: the state of our earth and our contributions to its plight.

So ... I’ve decided to do 1 green thing a day. Starting right now.

We have one tiny dustbin in our office kitchen. Heaven knows why they call it a dustbin, because no one puts dust inside it. They do, however, put everything else: plastic, old food, boxes, cans, tins … and they put them in that one tiny little bin, all together.

This needs to change. We need 3 bins: 1 for plastic, 1 for paper and 1 for food waste. I’m going to take it up with the powers that be, and nag them until the give in. 
Then this weekend I’m going to separate all the glass savannah bottles from the chip packets and make sure they go into separate bins too. And on Sunday, I’m going to water my very parched garden only once the sun has gone down. Not only will I be less hungover, but when it’s cooler, less water evaporation happens, which means less wastage happens!

See it’s easy to have little green fingers, no matter who you are.
What green thing have you done today.


P.S Whatever you do, DO NOT google "Green Finger": 
the most awful picture of finger comes up. It's not pretty!

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