Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thanks to my clever little friend over at Vanila.Petal I got to plant my very own virtual seedling today and do some good.

By visiting The Living Wall on the Woolies website here 

A chance to unite against hunger by panting your very own choice of strawberry, spinach, tomato or basil plants in a virtual garden, online, for free

Because Woolworths knows the importance of Good Food, they’re commemorating World Food Day on the 16th of October (oops, I missed it) by translating our virtual plants into actual plants that will then be sent off to a South African school with a permaculture food garden - and they'll be able to nurture it love it, and make it produce lots of yummy things for them to enjoy, and maybe sell and make money for their little families.

my little spinach plant

Jeepers I just love Woolworths and the way they’re so rah-rah about making a difference. (ha, excuse the use of their strap line there … not intentional)

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