Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello ... Did You Miss Me?

Sorry I've been so quiet - you know with being engaged and all ... ha ha.

Ok, back to business. 
Three things:

I started the new job on Monday - 
EISH not what I expected at all. It's about 145 people less than I'm used to working with. Briefs are via email. People get stuff done in 20 minutes as opposed to spending hours, even days, crafting their work and procrastinating - probably why the company does so bloody well. I'm new to a family of 13 who have cohabited their working and personal space for the last 3 years, so essentially I think they may be finding it difficult to let someone new into their lives, namely, little old lonely me, with no one to eat my lunch with. But they'll warm to me - please God let them warm to me. And I'll warm to the systems (or lack thereof) that they have in place, and everything will be hunkey dorey. If it's not, then I'll have to start selling cupcakes at the Farmers Market every weekend to make a living.

I know I said in my little profile squabble on the side here ------> 
that this wouldn't be a wedding blog ... Well calm your silk panties ... it's still not going to be one. 
I just feel that it is my duty to "warn" you that due to my circumstances I may infrequently post one or two things about pretty smelling flowers, and cool i-wish-we -had-that-here weddings I find. Maybe even some inspirational boards or colour palettes and things to DIY while I steam roll my way through planning a fucking wedding. holly shit I till can't believe it!

3. Today's post to follow :O)


  1. "I come in peace. Take me to your headband leader"