Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Go Camping

No girl (in her right mind) likes to camp.

Not unless she has hairy armpits and cleans her teeth with straw. 
I used to enjoy it - when I was younger and bathing took the form of running naked into the cool ocean waves to rinse off, dinner time was a packet of marshmallows around a tiny braaivleis, and bed time never had a time, it was simply that instance when you passed out from sun-stroke, heat-exhaustion, and a sugar/niknak overdose. 

These days, it's more of a mission - what with the ever-deflating inflatable mattress that leaves you feeling 65 years old every morning - to name just one thing. So yes, camping is a mission ... unless you live in Montana. Oh Montana - home to Yogey Bear and Yellow Stone National Park ... and these incredibley exclusive luxury camp sites. 

Look how insane these places are. 
It really does bring new meaning to the term glamour camping: GLAMPING!

Each "tent" - if you can even call them that - is equipped with electricity and the most luxurious of linen and decor, PLUS a private en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet, 2 basins and heated flooring. Which means no midnight spiders terrifying you from the long drop facilities 3 km's away.

Plus they have a spa on site, and there are 28 or so houses that can be rented out ... you know, if camping isn't quite your thing!

Oh to be rich and out-doorsey.

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