Monday, October 18, 2010

Please Don’t Judge Me

But I really think that Country Road Sucks.

This may seem like a very bold and somewhat un-true statement to make – especially after my last post - but before you blacklist me and my blog, hear me out.

Country Road: 
the high-end fashion brand from Down Under - in all its glory - really and truly is amazing if:
a)   You can afford it
b)   You have access to all the latest goodies all the time (i.e live near to Melrose Arch or Autralia)
c)    You are an Australian born model like Gemma Ward who happens to look amazing in plain, baggy clothing …

I mean they're 'nice' ... but so is a cup of tea.
And yes, there are the few prize pieces with the shiny bronze beading along the neckline or the beautifully soft crushed silk dress in glorious guava, but if you can afford that high-end stuff … well good for you … you bloody cow. The rest of the stuff - it's pretty dull and boring, really. Take for example, these items below which could have come from Mr. Price or Truworths:

The fabric is flimsy, the colours are dull and are all the women in Australia really really short because most of their clothes don't even reach past my boep. Not entirely flattering, I must be honest.

I mean I love tones of grey and white: they're classic and brilliant for any occasion. But why in the name of Bozo The Clown would I pay R899 for a short sleeved sweat shirt that I wouldn't even wear to gym?!

Occasionally I will walk into a Woolworths store, head straight for the Country Road section and then leave 2 minutes later feeling poor, depressed and hard done by … when really I think I've been wasting my time and energy. At some point I have allowed myself to be misguided by the so called fashion bloggers out there who make me believe that unless I own at least one item of Country Road, I'm not even half cool enough

I say screw 'em. I will always have my Country Road cow-hide smelling bag (remember) but quite frankly, I'd rather save my pennies for TWIST

It’s feminine, it’s frilly, it’s also kinda over priced, but affordable enough for a monthly splurge, and I don’t feel like a fake in some dull and baggy see-through Australian imported material ... when I’m all covered in pretty bows.

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