Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So it’s time to bin (laden) Mr No-Grass-Man.

Yes folks, today is a very sad day. But I’m afraid to say it was bound to happen.  Right from the very start of it all, I struggled to get so much as a green nose hair out of this little dude. Eventually after 2 weeks we got some form of growth – which if you ask me – was merely a tease. Because after this post …. Nothing else grew.

No wait, that’s not entirely true.
We do have some growth. But it’s not green, it’s off-blue, and it’s fluffy and commonly known as mould!

1 comment:

  1. sniff sniff... poor little dude.

    i received a 'plant your own tree' pack for my birthday 3 years ago. it still sits in my linen cupboard waiting for the day i actually have my 'own' garden to plant it in... i can imagine that i will be getting the same sort of response from it...

    1. because my fingers are not even a slight shade of green
    2. because i've waited 3 years (and more by the time i do it) to plant it.

    come to think of it... i should probably bin (laden) that too!