Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kings Of Leon Who?

Since the release of their debut album Parachutes in 2000, yellow not only became my favourite colour but my favourite song too. And thanks to Chris “Kissable Lips” Martin, I’ve always maintained that my life will remain totally and 100 percent unfulfilled until the day I got to see Coldplay LIVE in concert. What I really hoped for was for the fee-arn-say to fly me to London, take me to a Coldplay concert in Hyde Park and get Chris Martin to pull me on stage (passionately kissing me as he did so) and then propose to me on the fee-arn-says behalf. But that never happened. 

So a rocking concert at the FNB Stadium in Soweto will just have to do!!!!!

When I say I’m so excited I don’t actually know what to do with myself, I seriously mean it. I’m like a nervous wreck on a sickening sugar high. We’ve already booked our return flights to JHB – sans concert tickets, which only go on sale on Thursday at 9am.  But I am NOT missing out on this one.

As far as I’m concerned, The Kings of Leon can kiss my hairy white bum because my first best, most ultimate, favouritist, super awesome, I-would-do-anything-in-the-world-to-see-them band ... are coming to town.

I think I’m having a panic attack right now.

p.s chris martin … if you want me to ... I will have your babies. I promise.

p.s.s read up about it here

p.s.s.s GET EXCITED!

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