Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ok so the delicious sounding brownie recipe goes a little something like this …

I wish I could say that I had as much luck with my brownies as Lorraine did. 
I think it's a sign I should start paying attention to.
Unless it’s to make popcorn or wash the dishes, I strongly advise myself to stay out of the kitchen.

I will give myself some credit though. My scale has disappeared so I measured the castor sugar with my eyes. And they do look dam good. Sadly though … I tried one with my morning coffee and it tastes too much like raw egg (which I despise) so the first person to comment on this post wins a sweetly packaged box of wheat-free peanut butter brownies. Go!

Just kidding.
The Fee-Arn-Say will eat them. He knows better than to be honest with me about how they really taste.

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