Monday, May 30, 2011

Con Amore

I need a camera.
A nice little hand held jobbie that I can pop into my handbag, so that if the need arises, and I happen to be, say, in a store like the delightful Con Amore … I’d be able to take some pictures and show you what a fabulous time I had there last Thursday night at the Durban Bloggers Evening.

But I don’t have a nice little hand held jobbie. So I’ll send you to someone who does, and who took some great pics on the night. Check it out here

It was really cool evening spent mingling with fellow bloggers, putting faces to names, and devouring some seriously delicious macaroons, cupcakes, sushi and of course some bubbly – which, if you ask me, should be the staples for any social gathering these days.

Thanks to Candice Cochrane from Con Amore for organising the fabulous shindig and for my little take home treat. I’ll be sure to continue popping in whenever I walk past – which is often - and will scream from the roof tops about the upcoming sample sale next week. Although ... I'm reluctant to share.

Watch this space peeps!

In the meantime, bear with me as I cheat and steal some pics from I just want to show you how fabulous their stuff is.

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  1. so devs to have had to miss it!!! looks so awesome!