Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am my mother’s child.
It has become clear to me, now more than ever, that I’m JUST like her.

My mother ...
- who spent 4 sleep-less nights in 1997, crying over the death of Princess Diana.
- who subscribes to Hello! Magazine only to see what her friends “The Royals” have been up to.
- who has taken the day off work tomorrow, bought 4 packets of giant cheese curls, a 2 L gingerbeer, a gazillion strawberries and some cheap Champagne … to watch the Royal Wedding.
- who is absolutely and completely obsessed.

And so am I.

I’m not sure if it’s because I got engaged around the same time as they did, or if it’s just years of mumsies obsessive compulsive royal disorder that’s rubbing off on me … but I’m hooked. I’ve even managed to convince the boss man to give us a half-day tomorrow so we can watch it. YAY!

I’ve been following the whole thing on sky news since they got engaged. I know it sounds a little sordid, but there’s just something about them that is so intriguing. I guess it’s the whole “princess’ vibe and maybe it’s a little bit of jealousy too. Not that I’d ever want to marry William. He looks like a complete bore.  But you know what I mean.

I can’t wait to see her for the first time.
I may even cry.

Catch all the latest here at sky news dot com.

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