Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Morning and happy Monday to all.

I'm finding it very difficult to type. I sliced my finger open while attempting to cut open a packet of popcorn seeds. Why I felt it necessary to use the sharpest, biggest knife in the house, is beyond me.
So if you see any spelling errors - more than usual - it's not my fault. I blame my obsession with popcorn.

But what a fabulous weekend I've had. All the girls together again after 10 years. Eeek.
The best 2 weeks, like, ever!

And now it's all over and another Monday tries to knock the wind out of us all.
But it's ok. Happy positive thoughts people ... because the week is short, the winter chill is refreshing and the gorgeous sun is still out. I love summer. But I also love the memories that come with winter. Early morning sports games at school, being woken up by the fresh air on my way to early morning lectures on campus. Weekends up in the Berg, wonderful winter weddings in the midlands, wooly socks, fluffy scarves, cold hands and warm drinks ...
So Hello Monday. I WIN!

Ok back to work now worker drones.
I have just this left to say:

done by me

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