Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ok so I know winter is literally on our sun-bathed doorsteps, but I’ve always thought it’s the best time to buy a swimming cossie. The overseas brands are bringing out their spring and summer collections and it’s always floral and feminine and fantabulous. And, if you prefer local surf brands, then winter is definitely the best time to buy a new cossie because everything is on sale.

Hmmm … it’s also end of the range sales, so maybe I am not the best person to get fashion buying advice from. But regardless, I want to buy myself a full cossie. I tried one on the other day, and while I did feel slightly more sexy in a Black Country Road  Low Back Ribboned One Piece … the simple fact that my boep stuck out more than my boobs did … made me reconsider.

But I can still browse, right?

These are from J Crew. And so much of pretty to look at.

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