Monday, November 1, 2010

My new best friend (read: a new work colleague who rocks!) has this very snobby and exclusive fetish and love for good quality shoes. She’s a Country Road walking advert and frowns upon anything that isn’t from the Woolworths stable of brands. Including food.

She’s really great though and I love her my-way-or-the-lonely-highway attitude where she tells it like it is. Or at least, how she wants it to be.

Her love for shoes however has me cringing every morning as I look for something to dress my floppy, not quite size 6 but not really size 7 feet of mine. Here’s why:

*           My favourite golden sandals were great 6 years ago when I bought them.  Now, with the soles running away from each other and the straps hanging on by an Indian silk thread, they’re no longer so nice to look at.

*           All 3 of my high heels have no heels. Because I walk funny when I’m pissed.

*           I’ve never really felt it necessary to spend more than R200 on a pair of shoes when they end up looking like shite anyway, because … er, like I said … I walk funny when I’m pissed. So there's nothing fancy or chic, or sexy about ANY of the shoes I own

*           Throughout my entire working career, I’ve never needed to sell myself through my feet. Thank heavens for that. But it’s always been my brain that got the job done – so again, I’ve never felt the need to spend money on something I was going to destroy anyway. And besides, I wouldn't even be able to get the tax man to pay me back if I DID own a pair of expensive shoes

Let's just say I get a little bit nervous when I come to work these days - and make a dash
for the safety of my desk before anyone sees my DIY-paint job and miserable choice of 

So to avoid further embarrassment I’m going to start investing in my long and lanky
little footsie wootsies. Starting with a brand new pair of the gorgeous and refreshingly 
different Sweet P sandals. 

Designed and made by local girl Stacey Peinke, you can find a range of beautiful
colours and beading right here on her website. They are flipping cool and so
reasonably priced too. Not to mention they’ll go with anything you wear. 
Ok maybe not a meat dress, but almost anything!

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