Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today's Thought

Last night I was feeling a little anxious about coming back to work today. Maybe it was all the wine, and whiskey, and ciders mixed together. Or maybe it was the final acknowledgement of a hazy and distracted head full of nothingness as a result of these past two weeks. Whatever it was, I was feeling very low about my ability as a writer, thought starter, creative copy kid and ideas person … I felt like I had and am, losing my ability to think on my toes. There’s no worse feeling than feeling inadequate. Especially at the one thing you’re meant to be the best at. Shit man, am I bad at my job? I could be. I feel like I am. But …  maybe (ad hopefully) it IS the result of a whole bunch of outside consequences that are making me so distracted and uninspired. Let’s give it a week or two, and if I’m not incredibly talented by then … we’ll have to draw up a really serious plan B

So without much further ado:
Today’s thought is brought to you by my favourite genius: Seth Godin.

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