Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Truck Branding

Woolies – for a change - have it right.
The branding of their mobile billboards (more commonly known as trucks) is witty, cool, and a very apparent market leader – as you see all the other plebs trying so very hard to keep up.

I wish I worked for Woolies, and I wish I had come up with those lines.
*          Travelling Wildberries copy line with an image of a goose and rasp and straw berries
*          Milk Shake copy line with an image of milked splashed across the canvas
*          Hot Wheels copy line with an image of some fresh and hot looking chillies
*         and other really cool ones

Enter Pick N’ Pay. Ag shame man, poor Pick N’ Pay.
I’d like to give them credit for at least attempting to do a good job at their truck branding, but … I can’t. Everyday I look out my office window and without fail I see a Pick N’ Pay truck passing by. And I’m not sure if it’s the same truck every time or it they just have a lot of them with this exact branding on it, but … Mr. Ray Ackerman, I thought you were a smart man. Why in the world did you approve a truck that says: Inspired To Bring You Variety” and then let them plaster a picture of a giant kiwi fruit next to it. What in the name of Ceres does kiwi fruit have to do with variety? Hello?! Would the obvious thing not have been to use a … wait for it … VARIETY of fruit as an image. Honestly people. Advertising is tricky … but the basics are not rocket science! Even I know that

I couldn't find a picture of this wretched truck to show you - so I drew a picture instead.
Hope you like it.

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